Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gibson Geisha

Gibson Geisha (2012) is the first in a series of drawings utilizing charcoal, recycled wall paper, glass and found object. I have been fascinated by hair maintenance practices and preferences. I am exploring hair through the ages in this format and present day curiosities through sculptural means.

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Stained Glass History- A Sampling

Jenna Efrein- Stained Glass

(Side panels above are on hinges, so that double hung windows could be opened)

All of these windows were custom design, fabricated and installed by my business from 1998-2007 into people's homes and businesses.
Some are leaded only. Some are leaded and copper-foil combined. While others are copper-foil only. And a few have zinc framing.

(I did not design the above)

(Restoration job)

(After all original glass retained. One broken piece repaired with copper-foil technique)

(Wright mash-up)


(Tiffany Repro-Resized)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing Ojo Rojo and his Adventures

My mother has cancer. One day after a doctor appointment we were having lunch. Through a tangential conversation Ojo Rojo was divined while waiting to order our food. I asked her, "What's he doing?" All that he does is about enjoying the simple silly pleasures in life. There's nothing like the shadow of death to help you see the light of life. So now while we wait in lobbys and rooms, I ask her, "What's he doing?" and try to make her laugh.

Ojo Rojo Flips for the Trapeze

Ojo Rojo Swings on a Pole

Ojo Rojo Slides to a Splash

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arm of God

With the help of 16 Tyler School of Art sophomore glass blowers I made this arm inspired by Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel. It's an example of how to make something seemly more complex out of repetitive basic forms, consecutive blown feet. It was also an exercise in organizing and relying upon community.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Jenna Efrein


2009 MFA, NYSCC at Alfred University – Sculpture/Dimensional Studies, Alfred, NY

1993 BA, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

1989-1991 Bennington College, Bennington, VT

Professional Development

2010 Back to Basics with Randy Walker, Pilchuck Glass School

2008 Doing by Doing Performance Workshop, Los Angeles, CA – Rachel Rosenthal; Partial Scholarship Recipient

2007 Conceptual Glass, Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC – Che Rhodes; Work Study Recipient

2006 Glory Hole Construction 101, Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY – Robert Scavuzzo

2003 Casting Solutions: Working with Color in Glass Casting, The Studio of Corning, Corning, NY – Rene Culler

2002 Kiln-Fired Glass Techniques, Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY – Avery Anderson and Brock Craig


2011 Adjunct Professor, Kiln Casting, Salem Community College, NJ

2011 Adjunct Professor, Cold Construction, Salem Community College, NJ

2010 Adjunct Professor, Glass Art, Salem Community College, Salem, NJ

2010 Adjunct Professor, Cold Construction, Salem Community College, Salem, NJ

2010 Adjunct Professor, Kiln Forming, Salem Community College, Salem, NJ

2009-2010 Instructor/Curator/Manger, Hudson Beach Glass Phila,Philadelphia, PA

2009-2011 Instructor, East Falls Glassworks, Philadelphia, PA

2009 Co-Instructor with Alicia Eggert , Beginning Sculpture, , Alfred University, Alfred, NY

2006 Visiting Artist, Liberty High School, Liberty, NY

2006 Visiting Artist, Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY

2005 Glass Blowing Assistant, Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon, NY

2005 Archivist, Franklin Furnace, Brooklyn, NY

2004/2003 Visiting Artist, Mechanicstown Magnet Grade School, Mechanicstown, NY

1999-2003 Instructor, Stained Glass, The Star Gallery, Middletown, NY

1991 Studio Assistant, Flickenger Glassworks, Brooklyn, NY


2008 Studio Shop Coordinator, Pilchuck Glass Studio, Stanwood, WA

2005-2007 Gallery Sales, Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon, NY

2005 Internship, Glass Blowing Assistant and Gaffer, Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon, NY

2005 Shop Technician, Beacon Glass, Beacon, NY

2005 Internship, Archival Work, Franklin Furnace, Brooklyn, NY


2011 The Art Festival at The Hatchatory, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Demonstration for Live Auction Event

Goggleworks, Redding PA

2010 Demonstration as a pre-auction event

for National Liberty Museum at East Falls Glassworks, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

Talk and Presentation on “Glass is Chemistry Too”

2010 Dupree Gallery, Moore College of Art Children’s Cancer Fund Raiser

Philadelphia, PA

2010 Unison Sculpture Garden – “Helping Hands”

New Paltz, NY

2009 MFA Exhibition Fosdick Nelson Gallery -“L’ho provato sulla mia pelle”

Alfred University, Alfred, NY

2008 Studio 345 Showspace – “Wayfinding”

Rochester, NY

2008 Unison Sculpture Garden – “Triage for the Casualties of Environmental Warfare”


New Paltz, NY

2007 Unison Sculpture Garden – “Pond Nymph”

New Paltz, NY

2006 Ellenville Invites – “Kimonos”

Ellenville, NY

Curated by Beth Wilson

2006 Catskill Art Society Studio Tour, Hurleyville, NY – “Transparent Boudoir”

Installation and Performance

Loch Sheldrake, NY

2006 Unison Sculpture Garden – “Welcome Wagon Woman”


New Paltz, NY

2006 Faculty Show

Sugar Maples

Hunter, NY

2006 Airport Pick-Up Series #3 – “Welcome Wagon Woman”

Performance – Stewart Airport

Newburgh, NY

Material Sponsorship by The Home Depot

2005 “The Price for Beauty”

Performance and Documentation

Henri Bendel

New York, NY

2005 All-American – “American Cultures”

Student Art Gallery, SUNY

New Paltz, NY

Curated by Patti Phillips and Emily Putoff

2005 Airport Pick-Up Series #2 – “Dame”

Performance – Stewart Airport

Newburgh, NY

2004 Faculty Show

Catskill Art Society

Hurleyville, NY

2003 Airport Pick-Up Series #1 – “Chauffeur”

Albany International Airport

Albany, NY

2000 Group Show

Harold Harris Art Gallery

Ellenville, NY

A Secret Exposed

Warning: The content of this video may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

This project emerged out of  an intense 36 hour workshop with Rachel Rosenthal. She asked us to think of something about ourselves that we wouldn't want to share with people and then perform a piece about it. We had to come up with this project over our 1/2 hour dinner break. We could have accompanying sound, lighting, props, or costume provided by anyone else in the class. I chose a chair and to have someone control my lighting and determine the end of the piece with it. They did not know what I was going to perform ahead of time. The piece lasted about 3 minutes. I re-performed it while in grad school (from which this documentation comes). I silenced the 6 viewers sans one who was given permission to to determine the length of the piece. They also did not have previous knowledge of the content. This performance also lasted approximately 3 minutes. This piece is not meant to be taken literally, but metaphorically.