Dissolution Threshold/Strain Fracture

Dissolution Threshold/Strain Fracture
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Monday, April 2, 2012

My Stained Glass History- A Sampling

Jenna Efrein- Stained Glass

(Side panels above are on hinges, so that double hung windows could be opened)

All of these windows were custom design, fabricated and installed by my business from 1998-2007 into people's homes and businesses.
Some are leaded only. Some are leaded and copper-foil combined. While others are copper-foil only. And a few have zinc framing.

(I did not design the above)

(Restoration job)

(After all original glass retained. One broken piece repaired with copper-foil technique)

(Wright mash-up)


(Tiffany Repro-Resized)

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